XFL Continues Its Regain Of Pure Domination With A Big Name Hire

The XFL is running internet laps around the NFL. Not sure who runs their twitter account but give that guy or gal a raise. They are shitting on everyone and I for one, am here for it. They also are drafting some of the biggest “where are they now” college football names. Basically it’s going to be can’t miss tv. And now this:

Game. Set. Match. Think about it, what would you rather listen to? Cris Collinsworth call a Cleveland vs Cincinnati game or Pat McAfee go electricity factory during a match up of the Outlaws vs the Renegades. That’s a no brainer. Feel like the XFL is only missing one thing. That is partnering with a sports/entertainment blog to cover their games. Maybe give them credentials and hire them to do during game content for you. I don’t just spit balling here.

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