The Great Streamer Wars Have Only Just Begun

Before Ninja went to Mixer a few months ago, click here to see that blog, Twitch was undoubtedly the king of streaming platforms. Whether it be video games, sitting in front of a camera watching videos with your chat or even getting something to eat there was always something to watch and it was always on Twitch. Once Ninja left there was a shift in the streaming world, just Ninja wouldn’t make Mixer the next big thing but it put Twitch on notice, they responded by signing Nickmercs to an exclusive deal pretty quickly after the Ninja news broke.

After Nick signed we knew it would be a bidding war for the top streamers but no one knew who was next, until Shroud posted this. For the Shroud blog click here.

Now before Monday it had just been Twitch and Mixer going at it, now YouTube has thrown their hat in the ring. CourageJD announced he is signing with YouTube and the unknown that was these exclusive deals just got so much bigger.

We have billion dollar companies throwing millions at these guys to exclusively stream on their platform and it is no where near done. Google (YouTube), Amazon (Twitch) and Microsoft (Mixer) are some of the most well-known and wealthiest companies and they are going to pay out the ass for something that a few months ago no one thought was possible. Before Ninja left Twitch no one thought these guys would be signing multi million dollar contracts. They lived off of their subscribers, donations and ad deals. Don’t get me wrong they were making bank but there was always the risk of not having a job next week because this new game came out or this new streamer is taking your fans, there is no longer that fear.

Nothing has changed for these guys streaming wise either. They play with their same friends regardless of what platform their friends are on. This is just a big swinging dick contest between billionaires and these streamers are benefiting immensely.

How long until your favorite streamer signs an exclusive deal? How long until Facebook or Apple jump in the mix? How long until actual celebrities start signing these exclusive deals? A few years ago playing video games couldn’t possibly be a career now not only can you live off of video games, you can make millions off of it.

The streaming war has only just started, 2020 will have much more movement with more companies hopping into the fight.

Some people on the other hand couldn’t care less about the bidding wars.

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