Decoding Cam Newton’s IR Instagram Announcement Comment


Cam Newton, if nothing else, is one unique guy. He’s got a very strong brand and he doesn’t stray too far. Rabbits feet, weird hats and hieroglyphics are pretty much it. When the team finally gets a graphic design intern to draft up a graphic image to formally announce your status to IR while making sure to compliment your toughness, you have to be prepared on how you’ll respond. Will you share to your story? Use the repost app to add to timeline?

Fierce competitor Cam Newton chose to leave a carefully worded (and spelled) comment.


For those new to decoding Cam’s IG comments, let me break it down for you. Cam is going to let the guys take it from here for the rest of the season and he’ll watch from the couch instead, probably because it’s No Nut November and he is definitely someone that fiercely competes in that. He also wants to acknowledge his haters, as most IG comments do.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 10.38.12 PM.png

For real Cam legit said he’s going to be working on getting ÄČČŪRÄTĒR so Panthers fans have to be thrilled at where that leaves them. An ÄČČŪRÄTĒR Cam is always fiercely competing for that 2nd seed in the division.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Cam hangs them up from here. Andrew Luck paving all sorts of paths. Studying film has to be getting in the way of the hieroglyphics.


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