We’ve Got An Old Fashioned ATV Police Chase In Philly!

Are ATV police chases old fashioned? I don’t think Butch and the Sundance Kid were getting away on ATVs after they robbed the First Saloon Bank of the Wild West, but I digress. Every time you see an ATV police chase you blog, and every time you blog you hope there is an ATV police chase. Some people get into the blog game for the accolades like blogging about The Fappening or a 1st round pick smoking a little weed during the NFL draft and tanking his stock. Me? It’s for the police chases on ATVs. That’s how you know it’s going to be a good day in the blog factory.

I am shocked there wasn’t one wheelie popped during this whole altercation. The only death defying stunt we got was the guy pulled out his phone to check his Waze App to find out where all the cops were. Spoiler Alert: they were behind you the whole time bro.

Favorite Getaway Modes of Transportation Ranked (Street Legal):

  1. Semi-Truck
  2. Dirt Bike
  3. Car
  4. ATV
  5. Uber
  6. Septa Bus

P.S. The shooting took place 4 blocks from my apartment. Gotta love North Philly in the Winter.

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