Rumblings That There Could Be a Major Shake Up in the First CFP Rankings Tonight

It’s that time of year again! Shitty, November college basketball with some rankings that won’t matter in four weeks mixed in the middle! Could be somewhat of a shocker tonight when the first College Football Playoff rankings are revealed at 9pm!

The undefeated, defending champion, Clemson Tigers not being in the Top Four would be a huge eye opener. It would certainly give the public vibes of the 2014 Florida State team led by Jameis Winston. That team never looked great the entire year, but they were undefeated and had a title to their name. They basically made it in the first CFP based off benefit of the doubt. Looking back, Winston turning the ball over a billion times that year turned out to be excellent foreshadowing!
Of course, these rankings will matter for five days, right up until LSU heads in to Tuscaloosa to take on Alabama. A classic #1 vs #2 matchup…in the middle of the afternoon at 3:30pm. All because CBS burnt their primetime game on Notre Dame at Georgia. I mean, how many times do we need to see Notre Dame get thumped by a legit contender before we stop this charade of making them primetime over the likes of LSU and Alabama. Another season where ND couldn’t beat a contender, I can’t think of any storyline that would has been more embarrassing to the Catholic church this past year.
Here’s the ultimate chaos scenario: Georgia beats the winner of LSU/Bama in the SEC Championship Game. At that point all three of the top SEC teams have one loss. Does Georgia get in over those two because they won the conference despite losing to South Carolina? Is the loser of LSU/Bama screwed if the winner doesn’t win the entire conference? Does a one loss Oklahoma team hold more weight than one of the SEC teams parading around with a loss? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous?
Paying attention to the CFP Rankings is a lot like how I pay attention to my fantasy football team. On Tuesday, I spend a ton of tweaking my roster and scouring the waiver wire. I put a lot of effort into caring. By mid-afternoon on gameday, none of it mattered and my team is screwed. Same goes for the CFP Rankings. We put a lot of effort into caring about who’s in, who’s out. By mid-afternoon on gameday (Penn State vs Minnesota @ 12, LSU vs Alabama @ 330), none of it may matter.
As always, check out @Gameday_Guide as we hit the final stretch for the #Battle4ThePeach. AND, don’t forget that the race for the #Battle4TheSugar is just getting started.
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