Let’s all admit one thing before we crush this person. We’ve all have or almost have pooped our pants before. We can’t pretend that we haven’t. I recall a few hover incidents in my own life that were so close I was sweating bullets.

Now on to this example of humanity in 2019. Oh no baby what is you doin? You can’t tell me that there aren’t toilets in the NY subways. Has to be. If no this would be happening all day everyday. It would be just piles of poo in every corner of the subway. If you are a subway commuter I tip my cap to you. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Everyday there is some ass hole either screaming in their underwear or people like this just dropping heat like it’s no big deal.

Nope, no thank you. I’ll walk or drive or quit the job that’s requiring me to put myself through this nonsense. Being an issue in public should be illegal. I mean this is, shitting on a wall has to be and if it’s not I’m living the country. But even just being weird and uncomfortable on the subway should get you 30 days minimum.

Anyhow, play the song


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