First College Football Rankings Released

The first week the College Football Playoff rankings were released and we have a SHAKEUP! I gasped when Clemson was announced as the #5 seed! The defending National Champs have been shut out due to their god awful strength of schedule. Then the unthinkable happened and they ranked Alabama #3! I don’t think Alabama has been ranked #3 since Trump was running the Apprentice boardroom instead of the White House. And then LSU was slotted at #2 which meant the Buckeyes were your new #1 seed.

#Battle4ThePeach is going to come down to the wire and there may be some things the bloggers say that they can’t take back over these next couple of weeks. Go follow @GameDay_Guide. 

Quick reaction as we’ll break it down more tomorrow:

Penn State how about you fucking play someone before you go and complain you’re always left on the outside of the CFB Playoffs. I think the committee is shocked you actually didn’t stumble over your feet before the first playoff rankings were announced so they had to put you in there. I don’t forget about the fact they couldn’t put Michigan away. On the road at Minnesota this weekend is going to be quite the test. If they get out alive from there they have OSU in two weeks for the B10 East title. No chance this Nittany Lions team makes the playoffs.

CFB Playoff. This is your funeral. The only thing scary about an Alabama defense that all run 40s in the 4s is a pissed off Alabama defense. You want to light a fire under this team’s ass well the wick was just lit. Saban is the greatest motivator there is. I think I’m going to buy a house with all the money I’m going to win this weekend in Bama/LSU. Not Bama’s fault no one wants to schedule them out of conference and get blown out.

I’m ok with the #1 OSU and #2 LSU seeding and wouldn’t be surprised if they were flip flopped. Ohio St. hasn’t played anybody except an overrated Badgers team, but they have been blowing team’s doors off. That Badgers team know overrated, has a great defense and Ohio St. ran through them like milk in someone with IBS.

LSU +600 is mighty tasty for them finally having a QB that can go along with their consistent Top-5 Defense.

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