College Football RoundUp Week 10

When the Week 10 College Football RoundUp is published!

Recapping Week 10 let’s be honest. Other than Florida @ Georgia this slate was pretty bland. Week 11 though will make up for it with #1 LSU vs #2 Alabama and #5 PSU vs #13 Minnesota. For now though let’s get into the roundup from this weekend!

Going into work and it’s 30 degrees…

I know we’re supposed to praise this Drew Brees speech because it was cool he stopped by on his Bye Week and Purdue came back to win late. But…this speech was lukewarm to me. Not a single hair stood up during the whole 5 minutes and no one from behind him even flinched. When he did say though he never knew a DB that didn’t have swagger, that made complete sense why all the Eagles DB’s frustrate me when they wag their finger after getting burnt on a route, but the receiver doesn’t catch the ball.

Maybe he could’ve spent a couple more time firing up the RBs.

Need. More. SKY CAM!

Somebody fire the guy who worked the camera on the Dartmouth/Harvard Hail Mary winner. The guy literally watched the ball in the air and forgot he had a job to do to track it. Thank god there were multiple angles of the play.

How to get past a 16-12 loss to Miami and provide you some cover for all the Boosters wanting to fire you. Reaction videos! Pat Narduzzi zigs while everyone zags!

“You guys here for the Orgy?”


Live look at everyone at their Turkey Bowl game coming up in a couple weeks.


The SOCON! It just means more!

This guy looks like a strippers vagina.

This for real is never going to come off. Someone is going to be sitting in their English 101 class on Monday and wonder why there is a bunch of glitter on the seat. It’s because glitter boy sat in the seat before you.

How awesome would it be if people got red glittery pink eye all around Florida State’s campus cause this guy is farting glitter on people’s pillows.

The craziest thing about the Willie Taggart being fired is Florida State has now bought him out three different times. THREE!

Your friend walking to the bar for last call blacked out

I know this is supposed to be funny, but North Texas beat writers have deadlines to get to their editors and Mason Fine is taking his time to get in costume to deliver quotes the media depends on? Respect journalism dude.

Honestly I would challenge anyone that this is the most humiliating thing that can happen to someone on a football field. To be emasculated by someone you go toe 2 toe with and then have it recorded as a sack. People have murdered themselves for less.

Fantastic, but that’s still a net 75 on the Special Teams sheet in film on Monday. Gotta coffin corner that punt like you’re in training camp in Madden ’05.


Almost had a Big Booty TD! Nebraska guys are so much bigger than everyone else. Visions of Ace Ventura coming out of that dude’s ass just made me think.

Chris Berman Memorial ‘WHOOP’ Play of the Week!

This is inexplicable. No snarky commentary. That’s all I have.

I’ll die on this hill. It’s my most annoying contrarian viewpoint. Bacon doesn’t do it for me. I’m a sausage (yup) guy for breakfast. Do with this information as you wish.

Even Gus Johnson was bored by the thrashing Oregon gave USC. Clay Helton is FUCKED! The Brinks Truck will be on Urban’s doorstep by Monday.

They call this taking a USC on the sidelines of Oregon

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