Thackery Binx Is The Eagles’ Biggest Free Agency Pickup This Season


Howie might’ve fallen asleep at the wheel during every waiver period each week, but he scored when Thackery Binx showed up at MetLife tonight. The Cowboys have to be cursed for next 50+ years. Dak lights one black candle during the bye week and now we have the Sanderson Sisters probably running around the Bronx disguised as meth heads. The Cowboys are down against the Giants on Monday Night Football and the Giants are driving. They have two bad turnovers including this absolutely dreadful pick from Dak on the first play of the game.

The Eagles have now won the NFC East. I don’t fuck with dark magic and this is exactly what happened. Remember when that Black Cat ran by Ron Santo in 1969? That cursed the Cubs for another 50 years. By the time the Cowboys win another Super Bowl the cryogenically frozen head of Jerry Jones is going to be owner.

P.S. I’m sure Jerry loved watching that on his TV back in Texas because he’s never seen a pussy he didn’t like.

P.P.S. I don’t believe most guys that go by Hawkeye unless their played by Jeremy Renner, but this checks out.

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