The Milwaukee Bucks Need To Be Kicked Out Of The NBA For This


I tell you what, some places just don’t deserve nice things. Milwaukee is on the top of that list. They decided to bust out something they like to call the “Reverse Eating Cam.”

No fucking thank you. What idiot intern came up with this idea? “Hey you know how everyone already hates watching other people eat? Well what if we showed people pulling food out of their gross mid-west mouths?”

Hard pass.

This comes on my screen while I’m sitting down trying to have a romantic chipotle candle light dinner. I’m tossing my burrito bowl all over the walls. Can’t have it, won’t stand for it. Milwaukee needs to either be kicked out of the NBA or have to forfeit every game they’ve ever done this during.

Milwaukee isn’t a basketball town anyway. They are more of a Cheesecake Factory type of place. Send Joey Chestnut there and have him start a competitive eating team or something. Then you can go reverse eating cam, forward eating cam, sideways, inside out. The possibilities are endless. But until then, get this nonsense off the tv before someone gets gout just from watching this.

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