If You Had Under 48.5 Tonight I Am So Sorry


Oh my God. If you had the under 48.5 tonight I am so sorry. No one deserves this heartbreak! 22 seconds left on the 24 yard line and the Cowboys get a strip sack for a 63 yd TD to hit the over.This is one of the worst bad beats I’ve ever seen. Up there with the Ohio St cover against Northwestern a few years back. That fucking black cat man! Look at this!

Scoring 40 points in the last 30 minutes of a ballgame is inexplicable!

And WTF is that ref doing picking up his flag after the fumble recovery by Dallas!?

You can’t do that! I don’t care if he meant to grab the white marker they use for a fumble and ended up grabbing the wrong thing. You literally can’t give gamblers a heart attack like that! Our hearts are weak enough!

All the Giants had to do was run two plays and the under hits. I know I said it before, but no one deserves to lose like this. There is someone out there that just lost his car note payment for the month on Giants/Cowboys MNF. The NFL should have to pay his car note for the month at least! If you won the over on this you have to believe in Divine Intervention and you better be sitting front row in Church on Sunday.

That fucking black cat man. Black Magic is a real bitch…

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