Pretty Sure Brady Just Said The N Word On TV (VIDEO)

Currently the Patriots are getting embarrassed by the Ravens and even worse than that they’re losing me money. A whole lot of money. To top it all off it would appear Tom was screaming the N word to Ed Reed on live television. Wait what?!?

I’ve seen a few different videos and I mean it really sounds like he says it. Do I think a bunch of people made different fake videos of Brady saying the N word? No. Do I think Brady would say the N word, to Ed Reed no less? No. We’ve seen people get in trouble online for what is perceived to be the N word and it was actually a few words mumbled. He for sure just said “and they” and it sounded like the N word, right? I think so.

Before we can exonerate Tom I think we have to send it out to the only reasonable people I know. Fake Twitter detectives.

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