Live Updates: FunPlus Phoenix VS Invictus Gaming, LoL Semi Finals


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I slept three hours. I am still a little drunk. I somehow bit the inside of my cheek while I was asleep. I am up at 7AM to because Worlds is in Madrid this year, you’re welcome. I am so tired so fuck it lets just get right into it. I am going to do my best with getting this out and updated on time.

GAME 1: 

Doinb is on Rumble mid… and he has predator. It is going to be one of those games boys. First Blood goes over to Jackeylove after a nice stun by Rookie but right before that TheShy, probably the best top laner in the entire world, almost just got 1v1d. It is a fiesta in top lane at 9 minutes, TheShy and GimGoon both drop after FPX turret dove TheShy. Tian gets caught out and drops again, I would say a bad idea by him.

These fucking guys are just brawling everywhere on the map, Jesus. I’m going to need more coffee.

I don’t even know what just happened but Ning just got blown the absolute fuck up. That is on me.

THEY DOVE THESHY AGAIN! DOINB LET THAT MAN FARM BRO???? Rookie came top and just killed GimGoon with the utmost ease, DoinB is going to fist fight him before this is over. The cameras and casters can’t even keep up with all of the action, multiple kills everywhere. What the hell is going on!?

TRIPLE KILL FOR DOINB HOLY SHIT! Absolute massive combo from Doinb and Tian. They win that fight and rift took two towers top lane, FPX is playing so fucking well right now. Doinb is 8-1-2 and playing out of his mind right now. He has 8 of his teams kills and has been apart of 10 of the 11, guy is insane.

Baron is up and the game has slowed down a bit but it does feel like a massive team fight is inevitable. Can’t imagne it takes too long for all of this to break down again. Also, since we have a second I want to point out that on the stream I am watching this on (there are streams on YouTube and other streams on Twitch) there is 210k people watching two Asian teams play a video game in Europe at 7:30AM EST. Absolutely insane.

FPX just did Baron and IG, the World fucking Champions, had no idea and just stood around with their dicks in their hands. What is happening right now??

FPX can’t stop winning games and they just busted open IGs base. Holy shit they’re going to end the game.

Game 1 is in the books in a quick 25~ minutes. FPX is good but they just made IG look like some random team and not the reigning Champs. Game 2 will be starting soon and I can’t imagine it will be more hype than what we just witnessed. While we wait for Game 2 lets take a peak at Twitter.


This game is already wild and it hasn’t even started yet, we have Rookie on Lucian mid and Doinb on Nautilus. I expect this game to go a bit slower than the bloodbath that was Game 1 but with these two teams you never know.

FPX plays so well together as a team, the double hook combo with Nautilus and Blitzcrank is going to be cancer to deal with. Tian is just constantly in Nings jungle and there is nothing IG can do about it right now. An amazing initiation by Ning gets 2 knock ups but it doesn’t matter. FPX gets two kills off of the engage and IG fall even farther behind, a slow game but FPX seems to be just a step ahead in every fight.

Invictus Gaming is falling apart at this point, this is actually wild. FPX is doing whatever they want whenever they want to do it.

Rookie gets killed mid but there is a fight breaking out in the bot lane. IG get two kills but FPX still end up on top. IG have to wait until like 40 minutes to have a vhance this game, they need TheShy to finish an item and actually become a champion. 15 minutes into the game and TheShy has come online, great fight mid by IG and they’re back in the game.

As soon as IG make a play to get back into the game FPX sends their whole team top and 3 kills to extend their lead again. The casters keep saying it and they’re right, get hooked and you are dead. Spoiler, they got hooked. Phoenix is making the best top laner in the entire world look like a gold player at best. TheShy isn’t the problem but he is not helping IG at all.

INVICTUS GAMING WITH THE ACE AND THE BARON HOLY SHIT! FPX goes in without Doinb and they get WIPED, we have a game again boys! WOW.

What a turn around by IG! they get a double and inhib and I think that is the game. FunPlus save the game but their base is in ruins! This is the IG we have been waiting for! Annnnd just like that FPX takes control of the game again, IG just can not get out of their own way. Constant mistakes but there is no longer a gold deficit, IG is still in a good spot here, the later the game goes the higher their chances of winning are.

FPX troll and IG win a uge fight they go to Baron and somehow LWX stops them, extended fight is even right now. WHAT IS HAPPENING?? This has been like 5 fights back to back I don’t even know what I just saw. Expect another fight because that is all these two teams know what to do.

FPX get the ace defending their inhib and will get an easy Baron, They might be able to end with this baron but Elder dragon spawns in 2 minutes. Hyphy ass game what the hell. I have no idea how this game is going to go. Hot take ut I think who ever gets Elder wins this game.


FPX is rushing bot lane, Rookie is pushing mid. Is this a base race??? Rookie is insane but he couldn’t 1v3 but he does save the game. This is one of the craziest games I have ever seen.

That was an insane ending and it was almost even crazier. Holy fuck. Okay, IG was winning a fight mid lane as LWX teleported into IGs base to try and backdoor but FunPlus couldn’t hold IG long enough for him to backdoor. I am still shocked at what I just saw. The defending Champs even it up at 1-1 in a game that had the most kills in Worlds since 2015. Honestly, I am exhausted just watching this.

300k people watching and I think I speak for all of them when I say it is time for another Twitter break.


Looking at the draft I think we have another bloody game ahead of us. Lucian is picked again for IG but this time TheShy is playing him, shoutout to Huni. I don’t love the Nautilus pick from Doinb, he could’ve had the Rumble again which would’ve been disgusting. This is also only the second time TheShy has played Lucian professionally, I repeat this will be another bloody game.

Not much happening so far, a few ganks that cause flashes but a pretty even game so far as the two teams are farming up and playing safer than they have in the first two games. We’ll see how long this lasts.

No kills until 11 minutes in the game but we finally have some action. We get 7 kills between the two teams at a rift herald fight with IG barely getting the advantage. Rookie got 3 kills on Jayce and that is going to be terrifying very soon.

More fighting at objectives, FPX gets the Infernal drag and the teams go 1 for 1 with Doinb and TheShy both dying in the fight. Massive for FPX to only lose one member there while still getting the dragon, very worth.

This game is playing out how most NA games play out. Very slow, play for objectives. Some people might think its is boring but It is so tense. One fight can decide the game, as I type this Tian gets a massive ult and FPX get another dragon and 3 kills. The best top laner in the world who some people think is the best player in the world needs to step up. This game is either decided with the first Baron or we’re going for 40 more minutes.

FPX is outplaying IG in every team fight and pick up another 3 kills and are melting Baron. IG has the best individual players in the world but they can’t compete with the team play by FPX.


FPX is doing literally anything they want. Tian is playing out of his mind this game, if IG wants to win this series you can NOT let him get Qiyana anymore, you HAVE to ban her.

Tian does it again and they are trying to end the game. FPX goes up 2-1 over IG and I can honestly say I was not expecting this.


I fucking LOVE Invictus Gamings draft for this game, I think they should’ve banned away Gragas but maybe they won’t regret it. I am hoping for a bloodbath though and an IG win. We deserve a Game 5.

What the fuck was IG doing with that late invade???

THESHY JUST GOT SOLO KILLED AT 3 MINUTES IG WHAT ARE YOU DOING BRO?!?!? That late invade got Ning killed and it cost TheShy his Flash which is why he died at 3 minutes. Just an awful start for IG, hard to imagine it starting worse than this.

Just when I am thinking this game is going to be different IG fuck up a dive top and FPX get 4 kills and end up with Rift. I don’t know if FPX is nuts or IG is misplaying hard. IG WENT FOR THE SAME PLAY AND GOT ALMOST THE EXACT SAME RESULTS WHAT IS THIS GAME?!

IG continues to give up leads and then just get a massive team fight win  in the jungle. This game is an absolute cluster fuck and I am into it.


This game is everything I wanted, thank you gaming gods.


FPX lose their bot inhib tower but they stop the push, get 2 kills and a massive shut down for killing TheShy. I didn’t realize how bad I needed this serious but I appreciate this so much. What a game.

Massive double kill by Tian! FPX gets baron and this might be the end of IG as we know it.

This game is so hyphy wow. I don’t know how FPX didn’t end the game there but Baolan hit a fucking W there and you hard win that fight.

OH MY GOD I THINK FPX JUST WON THE GAME HOLY SHIT! TheShy couldn’t flash away or ult and that was the end of Invictus Gaming. We will have a new World Champion.

Thanks for everyone who checked out the this blog, I’ll be doing this for tommorrows Semi Final game between G2 and SKT. 6:30 AM EST. I don’t know if I can wake up that early again but we’ll see.





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