I Think It Is Time I Share My NBA Winners With You Degenerates


Lets make one thing very clear, I am the best gambler at Branded and I only pick winners when it comes to the NBA. I’m 14-6 for NBA this year that is a cool 70%. I debated making this blog because I didn’t want to mush myself but it would appear I am what some might call a prophet. For Spot The Line, the gambling show I host with Kyle and Dan we choose certain games to talk about but we bet other games too. For this I am going to be giving you my picks and maybe some shit I like but am too pussy to hop on. Some of you might say “Well Eddie why don’t you just tweet your picks”. To that I say because I am addicted to the page views you uncultured swine.

If you’re interested in retiring at 40 I’d keep reading, if not go listen to some schmo on Instagram or your college roommate on Facebook.

I bet with my gut almost exclusively. The only thing I check on is injuries and suspensions, now with that being said for the first pick I checked a trend. The line was just so low I had to make sure I wasn’t a sucker.

Nuggets vs Magic Over 200. It feels too good to be true. Like I said I checked out trends on this pick just to make sure I wasn’t losing it. I found out the total for a Nuggets game this year hasn’t been below 200 yet. The Magic have been under 200 twice this year but I am betting on the offense of the Nuggets to make up the difference if the Magic refuse to help us out. You’ll notice I love Over/Unders for the NBA so shockingly this is the only one tonight.

Next we’re going to Detroit. Nets -3 vs Pistons seems to good to be true but yet here we are. As of right now Derrick Rose isn’t expected to play and more importantly the Pistons were in Chicago last night and got rolled. They’re tired, they’re sick of being on a plane and they’re frustrated. This line could be double digits and I would still take it. Nothing is a guarantee and the Pistons still have good pieces but I love this game. The line is Nets -3.5 now so hop on it quick!

I usually don’t do money lines in the NBA even though I love them so much because there are so many variables. Day to day performance fatigue but more importantly the amount of games. There are 82 games, everyone isn’t giving it their full 100% effort every night so I tend to stay away from money lines. Memphis +125 at HOME vs the Suns. I think the Grizzlies are better, I think they have a nice home court advantage. and the Suns stink. If you don’t like making money go ahead and take the Grizzlies +3.5 but if you have some hair on your nuts take the money line and thank me, unless you lose then all of this is for fun.

My last game is going to be a bit controversial. I really like Portland -2 at home vs the 76ers. Put your pitch forks down you sociopaths and here me out. You’re going cross country to play a very good team. Embiid is suspended and its not like you’re going undefeated this year. The 76ers are going to lose a game at some point this feels like a perfect storm. Do you think Dame and CJ are going to take it easy? The Blazers are going to try and win 70 games and fall apart in the playoffs like they always do, so if you’re a Sixers fan and you disagree or you won’t bet against your team fade me. Fade me and see what happens to your paycheck.

Remember children, have fun but most importantly tell your friends who gave you the winners.


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