College Football Hot Takes Brought To You By GameDay Guide

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Alabama is on a bye week, realistically though every week is a bye week for them until LSU. And I have some takes I need to get off my chest. I’m calling them hot but who knows.

First off the winner of Georgia and Florida should hop right over Penn State. All you We Arers out there are going to be up in arms but the fact is Penn States best win so far is at home vs Michigan and they almost lost that game. Both Georgia and Florida have played way better teams. Now if PSU gets a win over Ohio State and wins the Big Ten they have to be in the playoffs.

Oregon is a big time pretender. Currently ranked 7th and they don’t deserve it. I’m predicting they take a loss tonight at USC. They will end their playoff dreams.

If Clemson doesn’t win by 50+ today, they should be kicked out of the top 4. They are under performing all season. They need to kick the shit out of teams here on out. They also need Wake Forest to win out so they can get another top 25 win on their resume.

Oklahoma still deserves to be a top 6 school. The offense is one of the best in the nation. Yes they took a tough loss last week but they will have a chance to make up for it. They beat the brakes off Baylor they should be back in playoff contention.

LSU is easily the best team in the nation. I’ll go as far to say if they beat Bama next week that should lock them in to the playoffs no matter what happens the rest of the season.

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