Erin Andrews Is For Sure Leaving Her Husband For Jimmy Garoppolo


The 49ers are red hot and so is Jimmy G. I have no idea how he played on Thursday Night’s game against the Cardinals, but I do know he just stole Erin Andrews from her husband.

I don’t care that Erin’s husband is a super hot Stanley Cup Champion hockey player. No one does it like Jimmy G. That smile, those eyes, there’s not a straight man alive that wouldn’t leave their girl for Jimmy G if he gave that look he gives Erin in that interview. The way she said right back at you when he said it feels good baby was practically sending a u up? text on national TV.

These two and this poor golden retriever puppy are going to be in the middle of a messy divorce once Jimmy G is done.

What range from Jimmy too. From the porn star to this? A true professional on and off the field that James.

I’ve never seen Erin Andrews that visibly flustered by anyone; but the Jimmy G will do that to a girl. Absolute man rocket.


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