Bryce Harper Throwing Shade At DC’s Fans On Instagram

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Let me just start by saying this: Good, screw these DC losers. Now on to the featured content. We all know DC beat Houston and won their first World Series ever. Good for them, I honestly couldn’t care less. If it wasn’t for all the Nats fans that for some reason can’t stop talking about Harper, I probably would have been rooting for them.

But that’s not the case. And ever since Harper signed with Philly every Nats fan can only seem to talk about Bryce. It’s the weirdest and most pathetic obsession with a former player I’ve ever seen. Washington fans act like he took a $50 million dollar pay cut to come to Philly. No you fucking dummies, he left because A.) your front office offered him a shit deal. They deferred his money which is something everyone seems to forget.

Imagine if you were going for a job and they were like, “yeah we’ll give you X amount but you can’t have it for a while.” Uhhhhh no thanks. I’ll go to the other company that is offering me MORE money and oh, they are going to actually give it to me. It’s a no brainer you little baby shark bitches.

And he also left because B.) Washington DC fucking sucks. The city sucks, the people suck and if it wasn’t for all the museums and monuments, no body would ever go there.

Anyway, so DC fans can’t seem to stop chirping Bryce instead of enjoying their World Series win. And Bryce since he left Washington has be humble and graceful about the whole situation. Until last night. Bryce on a flight to somewhere enjoying his offseason and he posted the below picture to his IG story.


LOLOLOL good. I need petty Bryce Harper. He’s too nice for these losers. Let’s fight fire with fire. I have to assume he saw the Embiid fight and was like “fuck it, I’m going full heel.”

Washington, congrats on your year or whatever, but Bryce is coming for that ass in 2020.

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