This Sixers “Fan” Needs To Be Kicked Out Of Philadelphia ASAP

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So cruising through reddit and I saw this post about the Sixers brawl last night. I’m telling you right now, my jaw hit the floor reading it. Can’t understand how there is a single person that thinks like this anywhere in the world. If this isn’t a troll job than this needs to be put into a museum somewhere.

Embarrassed and Disappointed Sixer fan here

What happened last night made me so frustrated and embarrassed by the hyper aggressive sports culture that is Philadelphia fandom ~ I love this city to death ~ its where i’m from and my home ~ but I can’t excuse Embiid’s actions and the overwhelmingly positive response from our sports fans ~ the fight is of course one thing ~ but calling KAT a “pussy” on IG and going after his MOM feels like middle school all over again. WHAT ARE YOU DOING JOEL! I was sincerely hopeful that the four bounce game had humbled him but it seems like a lot of his tendencies we’re just bottling up

Minneapolis was my home for 5 years and I sincerely love your city and have so many great friends there ~ I’m just sorry and hate how Embiid is willingly antagonizing himself and perpetuating locker room talk bullshit ~ just know a lot of us in Philly are NOT down with this and I’m pretty embarrassed for our team

Hope y’all have a great season and ROCO wins DPOY

What are we even talking about here? This guy went on the Timberwolves Reddit and basically tried to apologize for the team and the city. GTFOH with this nonsense. I’ve never hated someone I’ve never met/seen more than this guy. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING JOEL!” He’s standing his ground, he’s telling KAT that his bullshit isn’t going to stand in Philadelphia.

Go back to Minneapolis you little bitch boy. I demand this person reveal themselves.

Even T-Wolves fans are getting in on the action and starting to rip this guy.


This person has to give up all Philadelphia fandom effective immediately. I’m not even a blind faith type of fan but this is just ridiculous. This Sixers team is going to be the new Bad Boys of the NBA. Game 4 of the season and they are choking people out on the floor. That sends a message the rest of the NBA. “Good luck coming in here and winning a game.” We can’t have this little chode running around the city turning our excitement into frown town.

I do’t even understand how someone this soft can like sports at all. Sports are built around the concept of going toe to toe with someone. And it’s obvious this wet blanket hates competition. I have to assume he’s a big time cuck and gets absolutely bullied all day everyday. Boss tells him what he can and an’t do. Girlfriend emasculates him in front of all her friends. I bet even his dog doesn’t like him. JK, this guy is 1000000% a cat guy.

And the worst part of it all: “Hope ROCO wins DPOY” LOLOLOLOLOL You’re out of here buddy. That’s it, final straw. Name yourself and your address. Branded crew will ome over and help you move. I will drive you to Minnesota myself. No bathroom breaks either, get you there as efficiently as possible.

So in conclusion. Fuck this guy and go Sixers!

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