KAT’s Mom Is More About That Life Than Her Son

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Everyone has seen the clip by now. KAT and Embiid getting after it. Ben dives in and chokes the life out of KAT. Sixers rip out Minnesota’s heart and soul onc again. Tale as old as time.

But what you might not have seen yet was KAT’s mom ready to throw hands with Joel Embiid on his way out.

Never a good look when your mom is a billion times tougher than you. And I like KAT a lot. Think he’s a good dude and even though the T-Wolves are trying to say Ben Simmons wasn’t playing peacemaker he was. The two of them are actually really good friends and it looks more like Ben was trying to control him.

Either way though KAT got embarrassed. And it begs the question. Is KAT’s dad a little baby back bitch? Clearly his mom isn’t. Mama bear was about to scratch out Jojo’s eyes and wear them as a Halloween themed necklace. So I guess KAT is just a victim of his soft blood line. Not his fault. He was born with bitch boy coursing through his veins. You have to feel for the guy.

PS. This Sixers team is not losing a single game at home. NOT. A. ONE.

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