Joel Embiid Suspended 2 Games For Destroying Karl Anthony Towns On & Off The Court


Pretty light when you take account of the scuffle and the off the court drama on social media. There were some pretty rough things said about each other from both parties that will make for the next time they play each other interesting. I can’t wait til these two end up on the same team for the All Star Game. You know the NBA loves nothing, but a good a ratings booster. Could you imagine if Embiid was appointed captain of one of the teams? If I was Embiid I would draft Towns and force him to be the ball boy. Just make him carry my luggage around as my Assistant. And then I’d make his mother be my maid like a Shooter McGavin/Grandma Gilmore situation. You don’t like it? Quit the NBA then, pussy!

Oh yea, and Ben Simmons didn’t receive any suspension for making KAT tapout in front of billions of people that have now seen the video online.

Something else that came out of this fight last night. It actually looks like Embiid and Simmons genuinely appreciate each other. It wasn’t spoken to much out loud, but I know a lot of fans were worried about the future relationship of the Sixers star.

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