Woah Vicky And Cash Me Outside Girl Fight At The Studio

If you’re an adult and don’t know who these people are you are so lucky. Woah Vicky is the white girl who says shes isn’t white and says the N-word a whole bunch. She hangs out with that girl that looks like an alien. Everyone knows the Cash Me Outside girl, what you might not know is she raps know and goes by Bhad Bhabie.

I did very little research for this, obviously, but apparently this is the second time they fought. The first time was in April 2018 when Vicky allegedly called one of Bhad Bhabies friends the hard R.

I’m staying away from that lets just look at the video real quick. I know Vicky is like 4 years older so she has a bit of an advantage in a fight vs a 15 year old but she was beating Bhad Bhabies ass. I think what we need is for someone to organize a MMA style fight, let them train and lets make some money. Clearly there is bad blood so why can’t me and the good average people at Branded make a quick buck off of this. Ladies hit me up lets get this fight figured out.

Side note, I do think its funny that these very bad teenage girl rappers are ready to fight on site but a lot of the adults aren’t about it. Very immature but I find it humorous, sue me.

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