NCAA Is Open To Allowing Student Athletes To Make Money Off Of Their Likeness, Now We Wait For Dabo To Quit

I’ve been super pro student athletes getting paid since Reggie Bush Owned half the state of California. With the news that the NCAA is gonna let these kids get paid everyone is hype that a new College Football game is going to come out, don’t get me wrong I want that too but I NEED to see Dabo Swinneys thoughts on this.

Dabo signed an almost $100 million dollar contract and says he would quit if the people who make him all of that money were able to get paid. I imagine huge slave labor fan Dabo Swinney reading that the people who work for free to earn him $10 million dollars a year might be able to get paid off of their likeness has him just silent crying in the Library of his big ass mansion. I hated that fly on the wall episode from Breaking Bad but I would pay for that episode to be Dabo getting upset and throwing a temper tantrum.


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[…] spineless clown Dabo Swinney saying he’d quit if college athletes were able to make money (click here to read that). Well I sure do hope Dabo enjoyed his time at […]