MUST WATCH: Dad Tries To Save Kid, Instead Launches Him Into Bridge


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I don’t use the must watch lightly, but this is no doubt a MUST WATCH. The crash itself is enough was gold in itself. Were these two cars playing chicken? There’s no excuse for them to be barreling down the road going 50 each towards each other on a road as thick as a Victoria’s Secret model. Indian Jones here got out of his car swiftly doing his best to save his spawn. Once he was saved from watery death his dad did his best impression of Joe Flacco hitting a wide receiver who ran a route over 10 yards. He absolutely LAUNCHED this kid like he was one of the those German’s named Hans competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition during the Keg Toss event on ESPN at 3am.

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 10.46.58 PM.png

The kid looked like an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey catapulting through the air. Hey buddy, maybe walk the kid over to the 10 people waiting on the bridge. Hope this father wasn’t trying to represent India in the Olympics for the track & field shot-put event.

Btw – I’m not well versed on traffic laws, but I’m pretty sure we witnessed a hit & run. The other car involved in the crash saw a car hit the water and scooted the fuck out of there. Probably had a suspended license or some priors it didn’t need the Indian government poking around. There were also like 15 cats in that car which even in India has to be frowned upon. I feel like the axel’s don’t properly work well on a turn with that much weight.

All I do know is our Indian Andy Dalton didn’t need this video coming out because I’m sure he’s got a little bit of answering to do from the wife.

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