LEAKED: The NCAA 21 Title Screen is Floating Around the Internet, We Are BACK

Not sure of the authenticity of this leak but EA better cut the check for someone if this is a fake and they pulled this off.


With the news that the NCAA is bending the knee and finally letting collegiate athletes get paid, we need to focus on the major issue here.

I mean, thank God Terrelle Pryor can now get tattoos in peace. And I’m sure Mitt Romney is going to lose sleep over kids driving Ferrari’s. But the major issue? NCAA Football the video game is absolutely coming back after this. Blow me, Ed O’Bannon.

This was already the greatest video game ever created and the gameplay will only improve. No longer will it be Left Handed QB #13 for Alabama, we are going straight up authentic. The gameplay will also significantly improve due to obvious technological improvements since 2013. Also, we didn’t even have the College Football Playoff the last time a game was released. The conferences weren’t even accurate. UAB had disbanded their program, reinstated their program and then gotten good at football since the last release. Also, they will probably fix the glitch where the Fake Field Goal play works no matter where you are at on the field.

This game could be priced at $200 and I am still buying just so I can turn the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors into an absolute fucking WAGON in Dynasty Mode. NCAA 21, the greatest return since Jesus Christ moved that boulder thing.

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