Howie Roseman Just Won Me Back With His Fuck You To Orlando Scandrick

HOWIEEE!!! You did absolutely nothing at the trade deadline, but trade for a DL who played 5 snaps in the last year, but you’ve now won me back!

As you might remember Orlando Scandrick went on Undisputed last week and delivered this quote about Howie.

This guy:


Made fun of a Super Bowl winning GM. It looks like the Eagles are rallying around a journeyman cornerback’s comments all the way to a curb stomping of Dallas in Week 16 and an impending Super Bowl.

This is such a football guy move by Howie. Football guy’s never forget. It could’ve been a drought in Philadelphia for 10,000 days, but the day the rain finally came Howie would make sure he was photographed wearing shorts. He’s probably been checking the forecast all week and made Mrs. Rosen or his rabbi pack his favorite pair of shorts that show off the calves. Oh yea, and I see those calves Howie! Legs are the foundation and the foundation takes no days off!  I love this. Howie is sending ‘Fuck Yous’ to former players and Joe Douglas is receiving ‘Fuck Yous’ from his current ones. Everything coming up Birds in the last couple weeks.

P.S. Writing a blog about a middle aged man wearing shorts. That’s why you go to school for 4.5 years folks!

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