Will There Be Outrage Over Deadspin Fans Threatening Barstool?

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If you have been on Twitter today you’ve seen the “shocking” news that Deadspin is basically toast. They are imploding and falling apart at an alarming rate. It really kicked off this morning when Barry Pechovsky was fired. You may remember him as the man behind some classic one liners such as:

“Actually the truth is big girls give the best head because they damn well better, they have no other redeeming qualities”

And who could forget:

“It’s not rape. It’s surprise sex”

So off course Dave Portnoy is grave dancing and as he should. Deadspin has taken every chance they can over the years to profit off the back of Barstool. They find themselves having a slow Wednesday, they try and twist some words into an entire hit piece. If anything they should have been thanking Dave for keeping them in business over the last decade. And even now, when his enemies are down, he’s offering Barry a three year contract at six figures. 

First and foremost, Dave, sign me right the fuck up for that. I will be like Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street. You show me a three year Barstool contract and I quit my job and come work for you. From the sinking ship to the pirate ship. Uh, that’s a no brainer Barry boy. Skip your toxic male ass over to HQ before Dave changes his mind.

Now what I really want to talk about is the fall out of Deaspin’s tailspin. Of course there was going to be angry fans, that was to be expected. I mean put yourself in their shoes for a second. You’re a hipster sitting at your favorite off brand coffee shop. Your fresh “Hello Kitty” tattoo is itching like crazy, as your scrolling threw twitter mid-day on a Tuesday because hey, no work for you today. Then bang, you see your hero Barry has been let go from your favorite place to gather second rate opinions and sports takes so played out, even Skip Bayless would turn his nose up.

So you put down your soy milk non-fat decaf hazelnut macchiato and take to the internet. Time to let those knitting fingers turn to twitter fingers. You exercise your first amendment right and let the entire world know how upset you really are. That’s all well and good.

For most of the people that were upset they just said the same boring comments. “Barstool is trash” and “It’s a tragedy, why not Barstool?”

Those are fine, no one is going to have an issue with that. But, my only question is, what about these types of comments?


Are we going to see them same outrage and anger over these tweets that we do any time a Stoolie fires back at someone? I mean Jesus Christ, Billy Beer is talking about BOMBING people. Imagine for one second if that wasn’t a Deadspin reader and it was a Stoolie. It would be front page news. “Stoolie Threatens Lives. Barstool Needs To Be Destroyed!!!” Deadspin (what’s left of it) would have a field day. NBC would go from six to midnight the second they laid eyes on that tweet. It would be pure chaos.

So I ask, in the interest of fairness, where’s the outrage? Who’s going to call out Deadspin for “weaponizing the internet” against Dave and the rest of Barstool here? Laura Wagner is retweeting comments about throwing bricks at people. They would lock Portnoy in prison if he even hovered over the retweet button on something like that. Someone needs to hold these lunatics accountable. Because if Laura Wagner won’t put up with it, neither will I.


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