Why Don’t Refs/Umps Get Fined For Bad Calls?

As I sat in my cube today I came across a tweet that said, “Why don’t refs get fined?” Which had very little to no engagement. It should’ve went insanely viral for how sane the take was,. That kid was robbed of the chance to shout out his podcast or Soundcloud page or at least he should’ve locked up a sponsorship deal for some 2nd rate soap like Dial or Irish Spring. Instead he’s still a normal guy asking very rational questions that should be asked by every sports fans more.

Tonight Davey Martinez was tossed in Game 6 of the World Series because the umps fucked up calling Trea Turner out for obstruction on this play.

At the time of this play was 3-2 and runners would’ve been on 2nd and 3rd with no outs. Instead momentum looked like it was going to swing to the Astros. This is Game 6 of the World Series in a must win game for the Nationals. You shouldn’t be able to fuck up the call after going to replay and be able to throw a manager out. You’re taking the easy way out. It’s like when you’re fighting with someone and you just go to another room because you know you lost the fight and you tell them you need to, ‘cool off’. When really you just got put into a pretzel and need some time to think of a good comeback. I don’t care if Davey Martinez was motherfucking your entire family and unborn seed. You should be able to call an ump any name in the book for fucking up this bad.

It doesn’t stop here, but on a way less prominent stage, Mike Scott was called for a Flagrant 2 and ejected on this play last night.


This is not your father’s NBA. No easy buckets is correct and a little hip check to let the defender know so does not warrant an ejection. I’m going to hack the shit out of my unborn 3 year old son one day harder than Mike Scott hit that guy. Today the NBA downgraded the Flagrant 2 to a Flagrant 1.

Good job burying the lead there NBA! But what happens to the ref who had the chance to look at this on replay and thought that warranted a Flagrant 2? Is he on probation? Does he get fined? Because Mike Scott probably will. At least put him in a wooden stock in the middle of City Hall so we can at least throw tomatoes at him. But nope. Nothing. There are gambler’s rents on these games that the NBA will gladly take 1% of the profits, but won’t hold their referees accountable for terrible decision making. The audacity!

It doesn’t stop there, the worst call happened on Sunday and it directly affected the outcome of the Buccaneers/Titans game.

How does any official blow that play dead? I know a live game situation is much faster and those calls are harder to anticipate, but Jesus hold off on the whistle for me until the play is officially dead. The ref who blew this call should have to return a kickoff against the Bucs special teams 11 on 1 with no blockers as retribution. When your calls directly affect the outcome of the game or you blow a call you had a chance to correct with replay you should be fined or placed on probation. OBJ gets fined for wearing the wrong clothing. Other athletes get fined for way less. Start making the officials pockets a little lighter, at least it will provide entertainment at the very least as their buttholes tighten with every close call when they have a game check on the line.

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