Power Rankings Week 8- Who the fuck knows anymore

This is going to be Brandeds weekly power ranking and I want to be as clear as anyone can possibly be, I don’t care if you agree or don’t agree. I am going to be as unbiased as I can but please believe me when I say I don’t give a fuck what you think of this list. I’ll do a write up for a few teams and it’ll vary week to week.

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32. Dolphins- Made the Steelers look competent.

31. Jets- I feel like they’re better than the Bengals but they also lost to a worse team than the Bengals did.

30. Bengals- Didn’t lose to the Jags this week.

29 Giants- Imagine thinking Daniel Jones wouldn’t be Eli 2.0.

28. Falcons- This is personal. Should be a bit higher but Dan Quinn took a FG down 10 with like 2 minutes left in the game and cost me money,  what a fucking dick head.

27. Redskins

26. Buccaneers

25. Browns- Scheduled loss.

24. Bears- Doink city

23. Chargers

22. Steelers- Couldn’t even cover vs the Dolphins

21. Cardinals- Huge sad boy hours

20. Panthers- Didn’t want that smoke it would appear

19. Raiders

18. Broncos- I think the Broncos and Raiders are the same team tbh

17. Titans- Still bad

16. Jaguars- Minshew magic is still dead but he had an Eli in the Super Bowl type of escape and it was a sick highlight

15. Bills- My suspicions were right, fake good.

14. Lions- Didn’t look great vs one of the worst teams in the league. Still has a shot at playoffs though.

13. Cowboys

12. Rams- They won by 14 but that was a close game for way too long.

11. Vikings

10. Eagles- They want to prove me wrong and be a playoff team so bad. Glad I could inspire some culture change.

9. Texans- If they didn’t already lose to the Colts I would have them at 8

8. Colts- Should be 9 because they only beat the trash Broncos by 2 but they got that win over the Texans already. The Raiders and Broncos are the same team and the Colts and Texans are the same team.

7. Seahawks

6. Ravens

5. Chiefs- They’re going to rush Mahomes back and get him murdered

4. Saints- I think they’re the best team in the NFC especially with Brees back but I have to reward the Packers and 49ers who were more impressive.

3. 49ers- Put a 50 burger up and Jesus this team is the real deal and I love that.

2. Packers- Imagine watching that “highlight” of Rodger over throwing his receiver and thinking it was some crazy impressive athletic feat. You’re all fucking losers. Good win regardless.

1. Patriots- Everyone talking about the schedule doesn’t know sports or are mad their team isn’t as good. With that being said I hate all Patriots fans, you are all so annoying and don’t know what you’re talking about, signed a Pats fan. Ravens at home coming off a bye is scary with the offense not performing well. Big game next week for them.

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