Mike Scott Gets Ejected For The Worst Flagrant 2 Foul Call Ever

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Someone needs to investigate these NBA refs tonight for Hawks +7. The Sixers are already hungover from partying at Magic City last night til early in the morning. It’s already hard for Josh Richardson to chase around Trey Lowe while he’s hungover about to shit his pants if he makes a sudden fast twitch move. We don’t need to go against the refs either. Kurt Rambis is rolling in his grave right now. Flagrant 2? That’s not even a common foul on the courts at an Atlanta LA Fitness. Mike Smith beat up multiple Eagles fans in Week 1 and got in less trouble then this.

If someone stopped the game to argue that foul in pickup they’d be laughed off the court. Not my NBA. One time Julius Erving and Larry Bird almost choked each other to death. Kermit Washington broke Rudy Tomjanovich’s face and almost was arraigned for murder. I need to purge these eyes with 15 minutes of classic NBA fights. One of the best YouTube wormholes to go down.

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