Joe Girardi’s Announcement Presser

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Joe Girardi is leading this team to multiple World Series championships. Mark my words. This presser was so refreshing from the nonsense we’ve been hearing over the last two seasons. The guy is a winner and in the first 30 minutes he had to make an impact on the city, he did just that. The guy commands a room. He seemed really excited to be here. Joe just wanted to stand up there and tell stories all day.

Now the pressure is on the font office to put him in a position to be successful. That starts with the pitching staff. They need to grab at least: two starters, two bullpen arms, an outfielder and some bench help. Don’t be shocked too if we start seeing vets signing here in hopes of being a part of a championship roster.

Ready for pitchers and catchers to report already. Ring that damn bell!

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