Evgeni Caught In Possible Cryptocurrency Scam

Did you guys miss me?

It’s your regular Monday in the NHL, fans worried about Mikko in the Rockies, and Flyers fans trying to figure out what this team is. Oh, and Evgeni Malkin is probably going to jail. The mighty sure have fallen in Pittsburgh as of late. Right as he returns to practice for his club.

Malkin was a co-founder of Mark.Space,  where was listed as an American Investor. Which is true, he does own a American passport. Malkin has lost a reported $4 million dollars in this whole debacle, on top of that, his name is on most of the scams major paper work.

It seems we can’t go a month or two without hearing about a Russian player breaking some sort of law, or even being in trouble.

If found guilty, the Pittsburgh hero could face some jail time.

More to follow.

-Intern Mitch

Source: Complete Hockey News

Featured Image- Russian Machine Never Breaks

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