Dan Quinn Deserves To Be Fired And Pete Carroll Investigated

Dan Quinn: “Spreads 7.5 today. Let’s cover for my job security.”

Pete Carroll: “Deal.”

Yesterday the Atlanta Falcons were getting 7.5 points against the Seattle Seahawks at home. Immediately hammer most of my bankroll on the Seahawks because Matt freaking Schaub is under center, it’s going to be a massacre. This was my 1pm game guarantee. If you have watched “Spot The Line” you know that I bet my entire bankroll on the 1pm games I like, and I must have at least one guarantee. Because if I don’t win then I don’t have money to bet the 4pm games or the Sunday/Monday Night Football games. I’d be in the hole, and it’s a pain to go through the process of depositing money back into my account, god forbid I don’t win anything and rent’s due on the 1st.

Anyway the Seahawks get out to a 24-0 lead and I’m sitting pretty! We’ve got Matt Schaub getting strip sacked on Hail Mary attempts.


No chance the 1-6 Falcons have any chance covering +7.5. My mind is at ease and focused on the god damn Jets +7. Looking for a Sam Darnold bounce back game is no way to go through life. Atlanta rattles off 11 straight points in the 3Q and I’m starting to monitor. With 5:53 to go in the 4Q the Seahawks convert a field goal to put them up 27-11. This one is over, the money might as well be in my account, and I’m living to see another day.

Then the Falcons score, and have a failed 2 point conversion, 27-17. Now my attention is diverted from the Eagles game. The Seahawks only waste 27 seconds and have to punt, Falcons start at their own 14 with 2:36 left. Well Matt Schaub leads the Falcons to the 19 yard line of the Seahawks and Dan Quinn kicks a field goal on 2nd & 10, from the Seahawks 19! The Seahawks recover the onside kick and I lose because of 7 and the hook! I think the NFL needs to investigate this Pete Carroll immediately and ban Dan Quinn from the NFL forever.

I want to punch this stupid graphic in the face.

Who kicks a FG down 10 on 2nd & 10 with 1:17 left? Go for it there! Matt Schaub threw for 420 yards! Also, Pete Carroll up 24-0 on anyone else except his friend Dan Quinn would’ve piled it on. The NFL must protect us gamblers from this kind of shady business practices. If the NFL had any decency they’d Venmo me my losses this instant! I can’t be held accountable that higher powers are colluding when I’m looking at the slate 30 minutes before game time! First, it’s friends having each other’s back, refusing to run up the score against a coach in turmoil. Then it becomes much more. Pete Carroll and Dan Quinn are hereby excommunicated from the gambling trust tree. Along with Todd Gurley, AAron Jones, & Brian Westbrook. It’s not easy in out here in the gambling streets.

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Todd Naz
Todd Naz
October 30, 2019 5:29 pm

I was in Vegas last weekend and I was waiting for the line to come back on when they announced Matty Ice was not going to play. The line was -3.5 Seahawks then went to -7.5. I didn’t trust the line but I saw the under at 50.5 looked good and bet on that and won. Why didn’t you bet on the O/U? I know it’s hindsight but the O/U seemed like the safer bet since I assumed Pete would never run the score up on his buddy. It was a bit of a nail biter in the end but… Read more »