After MLB Comes Out as Anti-Boobs With Julia Rose Incident, the NBA Has a Great Marketing Opportunity on Their Hands

You might’ve missed the highlight of the World Series last night and I don’t blame you because baseball is boring and football exists. No, I’m not talking about Trump standing there fuming as Nats fans boo the shit out of him.

As a Phillies fan who had to watch his team trot out Vince Velasquez and Nick Pivetta as starting pitchers this season, Gerrit Cole is still the sexiest thing in this clip.
The woman in this video doing just a quick flash for the camera is Julia Rose. Her header on Twitter just says “Tits” so you have to appreciate how on brand this moment was. Except, Major League Baseball did not rightfully appreciate it and came out as Anti-Boobs.

Turn your marketing brains on. The NFL is constantly referred to as the “No Fun League”. MLB is notorious for having the worst marketing of any major sport to the point a study found that Mike Trout had the notoriety equal to that of Kenneth Faried. But, basketball…yup, THIS League has a great marketing ploy on their hands.
There are so many “eh” teams in the NBA this year that you’d have to pay us for NBA League Pass, not vice versa. If you are one of those “eh” teams that no one is going to bother to watch and you’re struggling to put butts in seats, you better put boobs in seats. Julia Rose should be sitting courtside at an NBA game by TOMORROW.
Since this incident happened in DC, let’s keep it local. Who the hell is willingly watching Wizards games these days? They are basically in basketball purgatory because they can’t tank as the roster stands but they aren’t good either without John Wall. You want people to pay attention to the Washington Wizards? Bradley Beal is not the key, Julia Rose is.
I was reminded that Mia Khalifa may have a stranglehold on that town but there’s always room for more gorgeous women at games especially when the on-court talent is basically a glorified G-League affair.
NBA, do the right thing. Be Pro-Boobs. Tanking may be hurting your ticket sales in a way only tits can save.
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