Spot The Line NFL Week 8: Murder Your Bookie

Welcome back to another edition of Spot the Line for the NFL Week 8! Other than the Panthers/49ers game this isn’t the sexiest slate the NFL has ever produced. Hell – the Dolphins vs Steelers on Monday Night Football might be the grossest game of the year. Are we going to bet it? You’re damn right we are!

Speaking of oddities all three of us were on the same page for most of these picks which you know spells destruction. If you want to fade us for the week I wouldn’t be surprised, but this is the only week that will provide you a successful turnout…or will it?

Sidenote: To give you a little peak behind the curtain, we email each other the games we want to talk about and then whittle that down to 5 so we’re not rambling for 60 minutes (see the first video ever when we didn’t even have a name for the show). So I of course do my research for the 5 games we decided. Towards the end of this video we’ve got Dan and Eddie throwing out free plays like they’re going out of style! This is a society gentlemen, there are rules!

Make sure you follow along and follow @branded_sports¬†where we’ll post our picks for this weekend’s slate an hour before the 1pm games on Sunday.

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