This Is The Hottest Serbian Gang Member Ever


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Sup, Radojka Kecman?

I know in the article it doesn’t outright say it, but if you’re carrying AK-47s in your little two bedroom Serbian abode you’re officially a gang member. If you have a friend who’s 59 (gross) who gets popped with 50+ guns in the same week then yea you’re probably in a Serbian gang.

Beside those facts how about this bad bitch out in Western Europe! 25 years old and running guns for a major Serbian crime syndicate. Probably the only Instagram influencer to caption, “Bad Bitches Only (fire emoji) (girl with left hand pointed out emoji)” and actually can back it up. That’s a five tool player, she can blog for me any day. Plus she can sing, which probably doesn’t help when people inside the gang are worried she might snitch on the whole operation. It was nice knowing Raddy because I feel like Serbian gangs don’t really weigh the pros and cons when they think about killing someone. Basically if they think you’ll snitch, you’re going to snitch, and now you’re dead. RIP to FitTea losing another influencer. Let’s remember her how she would’ve wanted it.

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P.S. How about the Daily Mail calling Raddy an Instagram influencer with only 20k followers? Is that what makes you an IG influencer in Serbia? Branded Sports would be 1/5th an influencer if that was the parameters. We’re going to have to re-write our whole business strategy and focus on pro-Serbian content now. Joe’s going to be putting his kid through the University of Belgrade with all the Serbian Dinar he’s gobbling up over there!

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