Russian Bear Fed Up With Showbiz Attacks His Trainer

(Source: Daily Mail) – Shocking video has revealed the moment a 600lb circus bear attacked its trainer in the middle of a performance in Russia. The brown bear was pushing a wheelbarrow during the act in the western Karelia region when it suddenly lunged at the trainer, knocking him to the ground. The animal can then be seen biting at the man’s head and neck as screaming children sit just feet away, with no safety barrier between them and the bear. 

If you can’t watch the embedded video because the Daily Mail hasn’t figured out embedding in 2019, you can watch here.

Grain alcohol, dash-cams, and bear attacks – that’s what Russia does baby! Pooh here had dreams of going to Russia to make it in the traveling circus business, but one last wheelbarrow push set him over the edge. This happened in the Western Karelia region of Russia, which definitely sounds like it’s a quick pitstop between Chernobyl and Siberia where a lot of gypsies live. Something tells me this arena isn’t up to code for a 600 lb bear to be strutting that ass around without any safety precautions. I feel like brown bears love the veal-like texture of child on a late Wednesday.

Also, how about Siegfried’s partner? Maybe do a little more than kick the bear after he’s gnawing on my jugular like it’s licorice? The stun gun should probably be the first thing used. Light that sucker up with 1,000 watts of the best electricity Moscow offers and call it a day. Bring in the next bear for the 8pm show.

This video though is impressive! The woman who got it had a front row shot for all the action, I thought I was basically there. Typically, all the circus attack videos are from the vantage point of someone sitting in the 200 level. Very rarely you have a front row seat to a spectacle like Vladimir getting his face re-arranged.

Mother-of-one Galina Gurieva, 27, who filmed the distressing scene in Olonets town, said: ‘My knees are still trembling.

‘I was shocked there was no fence for the safety of spectators, given the size of the bear.’

Hey lady, you live in Russia. You brought your children to a pop-up carnival led by Romania’s Siegfried and Roy, gypsy brothers who definitely do not have permits. Common safety laws don’t apply to Russia. Everyday you wake up and go to sleep in Russia still alive is a win for you.

A father said: ‘We expected to see cutie cubs and they brought in a huge grizzly-terminator. 

Hey Pops. Cute furry baby cubs don’t sell tickets. Large giant bears described as grizzly-terminators put asses in the seats. Siegfried and Roy have Vodka to drink. No tickets, no Popovs. Doesn’t matter if you’re in Russia or America. I want chaos whether it be a mauling of a trainer or the Flying Wallendas executing their terrible pre-disposed hand eye coordination.

Auburn is already out of the Peach Bowl, maybe I can get GameDay Guide to send me to Western Karelia instead of Atlanta.

Obligatory Semi-Pro Bear scene:

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