Ray Didinger Does The Unthinkable

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Ray Diddy say it ain’t so buddy! The biggest Eagles fan/homer I’ve ever met just picked the Buffalo Bills to beat the Eagles this Sunday. The Eagles broke Ray Diddy! The Eagles broke Ray Diddy! Diddy has seen some pretty rough Eagles teams over the years, but I can’t believe this 2019 team was the one to finally put a fork in his biased fandom when it came to predictions. This is the same guy who picked the Eagles when they were 10 point dogs in Super Bowl 52. I’m pretty sure he shed a tear when Andy Reid was fired. This is the same guy who broke down on-air after the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2017 – multiple times!

I have his Eagles Encyclopedia book at home. I’ve never read one page, but it looks great on my coffee table. Ray Didinger is Eagles football. He’s the one sportscaster Philadelphians can agree upon that is universally loved around the city. That sentence right there speaks volumes.

The fucking Eagles man. Never say this city doesn’t die with the green & the white. If you would’ve told me we’d have Didinger picking against the Eagles in Week 8 against the Buffalo Bills I would’ve thought the entire team crossed a picket line to go on strike? Did Wentz’s knee spontaneously combust? Was Didinger kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to pick against the Eagles? But nope. This 2019 team just killed Ray Didinger.

P.S. This team is creeping ever so slowly to 2011 Dream Team level of unfavorability.

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