Only Thing Worse Than Hubie Brown On Opening Night Were The Refs


I want to be very clear I’m not one of those guys who blame the refs for every loss and I’m not doing that here. I said the other day here that I thought the 76ers would win and they did. The better team won and played well. The Celtics in the 2nd half were dreadful. Partially from mental mistakes, partially from bad shooting but when key players are in foul trouble and can’t play there’s not much you can do. Again, I think if the refs were good the 76ers still win that game.

42 fouls with 7 minutes left in the third quarter. Are we fucking serious? 22 by the Celtics 20 by the 76ers I mean Jesus holy fuck. 42 is a lot for a game. For comparison the game ended with 63 total fouls called on both teams. The Bulls game had a total of 38. Inexcusable. That is simply bad officiating.

The entire team was bad on offense, too. I don’t have the energy to call them out but they all sucked.

No clue who these guys are, it would appear they’re a blog so if we know them sorry Joe but this tweet is the definition of clown shit. I get that trash talk on Twitter doesn’t need facts or logic to be used it’s all for clicks and laughs but I’m mad about the game so here we are. Zero integrity by “Liberty Ballers”. Bad name as well if you’re asking this mans opinion. At least pretend like you’re watching the game. Guy had played 8 minutes when this was tweeted because of poor officiating, see above paragraph. Sometimes I forget that Philly is new to being good at things so they don’t know how to act but if this is the peak of Philly NBA twitter then you guys are a joke. Classic little brother syndrome still in affect. Clean it up.

Oh and fuck Hubie Brown.


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