Wrecking QBs & Wrecking Homes: That’s What Fletcher Cox Does.


(6ABC) – According to court records, Corbyn Nyemah showed up at Cox’s house looking for his ex-girlfriend. Nyemah allegedly damaged her vehicle before attempting to forcibly enter the home by throwing rocks through the front door.


So that ‘illness’ Fletcher Cox missed practice last Wednesday for? That story goes a little bit deeper. Somehow this Twitter profile had the story a whole week before it came out.

I wish all of this was made public before I took the Eagles this weekend. This along with #AnonymousSourceGate, the Eagles stood 0 chance against Dallas. How about Fletch here though? That dude loves wrecking QBs and wrecking homes. When you’re a top-5 defensive lineman normal rules don’t apply to him like you and I. When you have fuck you money and women throwing themselves at you constantly you tend to live life a different way. The only thing I’m mad about is Fletch dating someone with ties to Marcus Hook. I’m going to need him to surround himself with better people. Date a nice girl from Montgomeryville or Bucks County. Hell date a girl from Washington Township or even (good) Delco like Glen Mills or West Chester. Don’t date a girl from a town that’s known for its chemical plant. Be better than that.

I also don’t know many people from the south, but the one’s I do I would never try to rob their house or confront them. Those guys LOVE ammunition and guns. And they love even more people giving them a reason to use them. This dude is lucky only the shotgun was pulled out. I’m sure Fletcher has more guns tucked away in his pantry that would make an army base blush.

P.S. Turns out the dude who tried to get into it with Fletcher is a Cowboys fan. This story has a ton of wrinkles.


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