No One Hates Sony Michel More Than Patriots Fans

Once one person in the Boston media decides to go low enough with their take criticizing any team in the area every loud mouth Masshole wants to jump in on the action. Usually it starts with Felger, gets to Ben Volin and eventually ends with Alex Reimer. This time it started with Tony Massarotti.

The latest victim is Sony Michel, who you would think dropped a game winning touchdown with the level of hatred Patriots fans are spewing at him mostly because there’s literally nothing else to criticize. Once Mazz came out and declared Sony Michel garbage, the Twitter reporters have totally spent hours watching game tape to prove him right.

The Patriots running back situation since like 2005 has been by committee. This team needs a guy to run between the tackles, a guy who can get it in the end zone at the 1 and a guy that can catch out of the backfield. We’ve seen some do all 3, some do 1 really well, but no clear first ballot hall of famers on the list. There’s been Kevin Faulk, Legarette Blount, BenJarvus Green Ellis, Stevan Ridley, Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead, Dion Lewis…not sure even one of them will get close.

And honestly, who the fuck even cares? I mean you guys think we’re going to have the best quarterback of all time, the best tight end of all time, the best coach of all time and the universe is just going to say fuck it give them the best running back of all time? Sony Michel got into the end zone 3 times on Monday nights game vs. the Jets and Patriots fans are calling for his job. Begging someone to give BRANDON BOLDEN the ball.

The only people I could see justifiably hating Sony Michel are his fantasy owners, except that you should know what you’re signing up for when you draft any Patriots players at this point. Unless it’s the Patriots defense.

But fans of the 7-0 New England Patriots? I’ll say it for him, you can suck Sony Michel’s dick.

He scored 6 TDs in the Patriots 3 postseason games last year, the 11th running back in history to have more than 5 and the first rookie. Lawrence Maroney doesn’t have those numbers. They weren’t all 1 yd scores either. It’s all what have you done for me lately and 19 for 42 and 3 TDs is just not enough for us.

Thank god Bill Belichick doesn’t have a Snapface or Instachat because if he saw how people were talking about Sony Michel he’d probably…well no he’d do absolutely nothing.

Sony has never said a peep about anyone saying he sucks publicly, which is a pretty impressive feat alone for a running back. Give him his carries, just maybe not on 3rd and goal from the 4. And definitely don’t throw it to him he can’t catch.


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