Michigan Parents Heartbroken To Hear Jim Harbaugh Isn’t Going To The NFL

Those poor poor parents. Imagine you wake up this morning, see you have a letter from head coach Jim Harbaugh. You’re heart rate starts to rise, maybe this is it, this is moment your son is set free from his iron fist of mediocrity. You open it and right there, in your face it says it. “The recent claims that I am pursuing and exit strategy are total crap.”

Just hate to see it. Every line is worst than the one before. “By the way I don’t even have an agent or representative.” And “I’m committed to your son.”

Jim if you truly love these young men, set them free. You can’t bet Ohio State, Michigan State and Penn State. The Big Ten is clearly more than you can handle. Go coach the Dolphins. At least in Miami you could stink for 2 years before anyone even knows you’re down there.

Or switch with your brother for a couple years. He could save Michigan, you guys switch back and everyone thinks it’s you. I mean most likely Lamar Jackson wouldn’t throw over 10 TDs a season with you at the helm but John could fix that when he gets back.

Just big time T’s and P’s for all the Michigan football parents out there. They were sold a bill of goods. They should shut down the rest of the season and put themselves out of their misery. It’s sad watching Michigan suck so bad. As a Michigan State fan were not lighting the world on fire right now but we didn’t expect to this year. We’re on the rebound and to be totally honest. The Spartans are going to walk into Ann Arbor next month and end Jim’s career. Half of Michigan’s players are going to trade in their trash blue uniforms for some Sparty green.

No fear, the end is near. I’ll be sad to see him go, as he hasn’t put up a challenger at all for MSU. Go Green

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