5 Things To Expect This Sixers Season

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  1. You’re going to fall in love with Matisse Thybulle, if you already haven’t: If you haven’t paid attention to preseason that’s no problem, you didn’t miss much. Tonight though, watch #22. He runs the floor, he plays insane perimeter defense, he’s fun, and he fits the Sixers mold 100%. He’s an awesome off the bench complement to Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson. This kid put up historic defense numbers while playing zone at Washington. He’s also a crowd favorite on Twitter. This has to be the earliest I’ve ever seen Twitter accounts dedicated to a rookie that’s yet to play a full minute in an NBA game. Bill Simmons is already saying he’s a top-5 perimeter defender in the NBA, not the rookie class, the entire NBA. If he doesn’t make First Team All-Rookie at the end of the season that would be a surprise.

2. This lineup is going to be huge. Like Monstar Space Jam huge. 

Ben Simmons: 6’10

Josh Richardson: 6’6

Tobias Harris: 6’9

Al Horford: 6’10

Joel Embiid: 7’0

Our damn Point Guard is the same height as our Power Forward. This team is built like a mid-90s Bulls team, but are can do a little bit of everything. They can go small with Horford covering the big or they can pound you on the glass. Most of the year I think they are going to stagger Horford’s and Joel’s minutes, but it’ll be interesting how they utilize each on the court. I’d think it’d be a little bit like the triangle where Horford plays away from the basket and Embiid is used more on the block. I’m hoping we see less and less Embiid 3’s now that we have Horford to draw the defense out as I don’t think he ever missed a 20 footer when he played the Sixers.

3. You’re going to love this team. If seems like everyone has already fallen in love with this team due to the high hopes they laid out for them, but this team from top to bottom is filled with likeable guys. It reminds me of the 2017 Super Bowl Champion Eagles who had awesome guys like Jason Kelce, Chris Long, Malcolm Jenkins, Carson Wentz, Nick Foles, Alshon Jeffery, LeGarrette Blount. Nowadays who knows what is going on, but back in 2017 they all seemed to genuinely like each other and had a veteran presence. This year stories about Tobias & Ben organizing team events like movie nights on the road and having a veteran presence like Horford in the locker is going to go miles. Shit, when Norvel Pelle had a block party in a meaningless pre-season game these guys were falling over each other like they were high school players, not millionaire athletes.

4. The Sixers will have three All-Stars and it won’t be Tobias Harris: I am going out on a limb, but I truly believe in Josh Richardson. He is going to be in the best system since he got into the NBA. He won’t be the main guy to count on like he was in Miami. He’s a five tool player – plays D, can get to the hole, and can shoot. He was one of the main reasons the Heat took the Sixers to five games in the Playoffs two years ago. Four to Five guards will be on the East All Star team. Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker, and Josh Richardson. No Bradley Beal, Kyle? Nope – he gets traded by the All- Star deadline to the West or the Wizards are so bad that everyone forgets about him enough to put him on the All-Star game. I bought all of the stock in Josh Richardson. All of it.

5. An NBA Championship. There will be a parade down Broad Street this June. There I said it. This team is good and it’s not just the starting five. They’re probably one trade away from cementing themselves as title contenders, but for now they will be the #1 seed in the East and they will come out of the East to play the Clippers in the NBA Finals. They’ll win in 6 and we’ll be partying on Broad Street two years after the Eagles brought it home. Get the champagne ready!



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