5 Sixers Prop Bets You Have To Take


Sixers kick off the season tonight and I’m more excited for this game than I was for Eagles opening day. That is a scary thought but the fact of the matter is, this Sixers squad is too lovable. The starting five might be one of the most likable units in Philadelphia sports history, right up there with those 08 Phillies. But we’re not here to talk about how much we’d all love to get drunk with these guys. No, we’re taking a peak at some Sixers prop bets that you’d be an idiot not to play.

Sixers To Finish As The Number 1 Seed In The East +160

This might be the best value of all the Sixers’ prop bets. Only Milwaukee has better odds of taking the top seed at -130. First off, -130 is a sucker bet. Secondly yes the Bucks won 60 games last year but the Sixers made the bigger roster impact moves this offseason. Both teams will be battling all year long for the top seed. I feel more comfortable betting on the unit that will be a defensive juggernaut as opposed to the team that will lean heavily on one single player to be the difference. Take Sixers +160.

Embiid And Ben Simmons To Be All-Stars

Alright so this one will have to be a parlay. Right now Joel is a huge -3325 to being named an All-Star while Ben is at -223. Those are both absolute locks. If you want to risk $3,325 to win $100, go ahead. It’s a can’t miss. But the better value here is parlaying these two together. If you can parlay Ben and Joel both making the All-Star roster your odds will greatly improve to roughly -200. Meaning if you throw $100 on it you’ll get about $50 back. That’s free money.

If you really want to push your chips in and roll the dice. Or maybe play two separate parlays, Tobias Harris is currently +350 to make the All-Star team. So if you were to toss $100 on all three players making it to Chicago you’d get $571 back. I do believe with Butler in Miami, Harris will get a bigger featured role in the offense. The risk is will it be big enough considering all signs point to this team playing lower scoring games?

Embiid Defensive Player Of The Year +750

I will personally be laying $100 on this myself. This high of odds for a player like Embiid is a steal. Biggest challenger for this will most likely be Patrick Beverley but the Clippers are going to be more of a run and gun team than Philadelphia. With the Sixers as a whole being more defensive minded, the numbers will look better for Joel’s case. Embiid’s world, we just live in it.

Sixers Win Total 54.5

OVERRRRRRRRRRRR. Not even drinking the Kool Aid here, this team is just better than last year’s. The first 20 games of their schedule will also give them a chance to build a big cushion.

sixers 20.PNG

Taking a quick look at these games and it’s clearly a soft open to the year for this team. They have a legit chance of going 17-3 or 16-4 through this stretch. My advice would be to get the over locked in now because there aren’t a ton of losses here.

Brett Brown Coach Of The Year +1200

If Philadelphia wins the East, Brown has to be named coach of the year. Doc Rivers is currently at +500 to take home the trophy but Brown, in my opinion, will have the bigger accomplishment. The Clippers will have to put up 65+ wins for Doc to take this away from Brown. This could also be a great double play. Take both coaches but bigger money on Doc and know you’re going to cash out at the end of the season.

Get these bets in before tip off tonight and get ready for what should be the most entertaining Sixers season since 01. We are looking at a squad that will be playing June basketball this year and if it wasn’t for a stomach bug last year, they’d be looking to repeat. Hit the music!

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