Philadelphia Hosting A Large Lonely Singles Convention This Sunday

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This is why I love Philly, putting together new and creative ways for lonely singles in the area to connect. Going above and beyond to help individuals that are clearly struggling to find someone to commit to them. Here are some of the details if you’re looking to attend:

App.Com  “Catsbury Park Cat Convention brings Lil Bub and more feline fun to Philadelphia. The Catsbury Park Cat Convention is expanding to Philly for a gathering of celebrity felines, vendors, non-profits and recuse organizations on Sunday, Oct. 27. Happening at the storied 2300 Arena, the event also will have a pop-up cat cafe, with on-site cat adoptions available.”

Nothing says lonely hearts and lack of love like a cat convention. Now this might not be labeled as a singles meet and great but lets face facts. Not going to see a ton of happily married couples waiting in line to get a glimpse of “lil Bub” an 8 year old celebrity cat. No those couples will be at home sharing a lovely meal or maybe out with their friends who also won’t be making an appearance at the CAT CONVENTION.

I don’t want you to think I’m making fun of cat people. I would never do that. Our country has a long history of influential cat people, some names you might even recognize like: Charles Manson, a bunch of NHL players and even Angelica from Rugrats. A lot of people referred to Aaron Hernandez as a “cool cat” too so that has to count right?

So good luck to all he broken hearted and loveless cat fans out there. This weekend might be your opportunity to find a partner. Someone you can share a strong IPA with in your finest flannel. Someone that has the same ironic cat themed t-shirt that your mother bought you for Christmas in hopes you’d get the message.

Good luck to you all. Should be puuuurrrrfect.

Featured Image: The Economic Times

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