I Am So Excited For The Celtics Season

This is the first time in a few seasons that I have no expectations going into a season and I love that. So, I think the team is average. Average in the East still gets you home coourt in the playoffs and that is what I would expect.

I think Philly is going to punish us on opening night and that is gonna suck but I really like the team we have this year. It is the least Boston feeling I have ever had. When you’re a Boston sports fan it is title or bust in every single sport every single year and that shit is so stressful. This comes off as cocky and I don’t want it to but we always win and that is so hard to watch. Knowing if you don’t host a parade at the end of the season you’re the butt of the joke in the city. Now I know what it feels like to be the rest of you losers.

The Celtics aren’t supposed to do anything this year so if they make a run in the playoffs that’s awesome. If not then I have to listen to Felger bitch but he’s gonna do that regardless. Super loser mentality but I’m sick of being a winner. I have grey hair at 23 because all my teams go deep into the playoffs every year and I just need one fucking year off man.

Everything I said in this post is true but I am also pretty sure the 76ers are gonna dominate us all year long and this is my preemptive spin zone. Also, Kembas favorite snack is salmon so this entire season is a wash. I mean what a sociopath, right?



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