Time to Ban The Guys Burning a Wentz Jersey From Every Philly Sporting Event Ever

Imagine spending $125-$150 on a jersey and then burning it because of a loss in Week 7


Before everyone starts up with the “Philly Trash” comments, hold on a just a second. In this kids avi, he’s being interviewed by 69 News. This little buck-toothed fuck is from Allentown. I guess I would burn jerseys for fun too if my only means of entertainment was a Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs game.
Here’s hoping the Eagles make a run these next few weeks just to shut everyone up, including anonymous sources in the locker room. If you wanted to burn a Wentz jersey for some internet clout, keep that same energy if they beat the Bills and Bears heading into the Bye Week.
Ban these scumbags from all Philly related sporting events. They should be Lehigh Valley Phantoms fans anyways.
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Tyler Gilfert
Tyler Gilfert
October 21, 2019 4:42 pm

Imagine getting butthurt over the burning of a $20 china knockoff jersey. Man you guys are so fucking soft. I don’t even live in Allentown