Josina Anderson Fires Back at Howard Eskin as #AnonymousSourceGate Continues

This is getting to be an absolute shit show. The Eagles not only got completely embarrassed last night by the rival Cowboys but the drama with the team doesn’t start or stop there. First, Howard Eskin “confirmed” on WIP this morning that Alshon Jeffery was the anonymous source who complained to Josina Anderson.

Without missing a beat, Josina came firing back at Eskin.

The ongoing drama of an Eagles player ripping his quarterback coupled with Lane Johnson’s comments that players are showing up late/not focused is making this team look horrible. Do you know how hard it is to get blown out by your divisional rival, and find a different way to look even worse than that?

Believing Howard Eskin is like believing the gossip magazines they sell for $3 in the lines at grocery stores. None of the stories are ever true, but they always catch your attention at least for a few seconds.

So in the past two weeks, the Eagles have gotten blown out twice against contenders. They’ve had an anonymous player run to a reporter to complain about Wentz (again). Their coach guaranteed a win, only for the team to get trounced. Nelson Agholor made another pathetic attempt at a catch. Their All-Pro offensive tackle ripped the team for being lackadaisical. And after all of that, do you know what the most downright maddening thing about the Philadelphia Eagles is? Pretty confident in them beating the Bills this Sunday.


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Tyler Gilfert
Tyler Gilfert
October 21, 2019 6:09 pm

We ain’t beating the Bills you a clown bro