I’ve Got A Spinzone For The Ages To Turn This Sunday Night Into A Positive

Wow. That sucked. Everything about that game sucked from start to finish. We have Dallas Goedert dropping the ball because a defender coughed on it.

Lane Johnson chirped Demarcus Lawrence after Lawrence’s comments about Doug only for Johnson to get beat the second series for a strip sack on Wentz to put the Cowboys up 14-0 before my Postmates delivery even got there.

Our 1st round pick wishes he was back in the Pac-12.

Nelson Agholor gave up on a route late in the game.

It all sucked. The second game in a row someone in this organization called someone out on the opposing team only to have their shit pushed in. And the second time was by the head coach. But…I’m going to do the un-thinkable and I’m going to spinzone the fuck out of this if it’s the last thing I do.

joker gif.gif

The Eagles only gave up 239 yards passing. Yea it probably felt like 350, but it wasn’t even 250. Jalen Mills had an interception. The CB’s are getting healthier. There are rumors the Eagles are going after Chris Harris of the Broncos or Patrick Peterson. So we might be getting healthier and adding some veteran depth.

Here are the Eagles next four games.

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 11.39.59 PM.png

The Eagles get three of the next four at home and must go 2-2 if they want to be in it at the end. They’ll only be 5-6 if they do, but after this stretch their December schedule is a cake walk. In December they play the Giants twice, Dolphins, Cowboys in Week 16 to decide the division, & Redskins. The Eagles schedule was front loaded with tough teams. The Cowboys’ schedule is the exact opposite. The next nine games for Dallas are Giants, Vikings, Lions, Patriots, Bills, Bears, Rams, Eagles, Redskins. You’re telling me you can’t find three losses in there to set up for both teams to finish 10-6? Then it comes down to division record or winning percentage in common games? Come on it’s Jason Garrett he’s bound to collapse in a big moment. The Cowboys just went on a 3 game losing streak. I feel like we always lose in Dallas just to tear their hearts out late in the year at our place.

Finally, the Eagles winning the Super Bowl grace period is dead. Tonight the Eagles were flat out embarrassed to a division rival with a lot of shit talking going back and forth. This has to be the ass whooping that wakes them up. I trust in Doug to get these guys ready to go in Dallas. DeSean will be back hopefully next week to present a deep threat they desperately need. We’re getting healthier with Nigel Bradham returning against Buffalo and Timmy Jernigan in November. I believe in this team. I believe that when fans hold the team accountable it actually does work unlike most cities. I might be delusional when the bell on Week 17 tolls and the Eagles end up going 8-8. But I see hope, and it’s more than just a sliver of hope. We’re onto Buffalo.


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