I Feel Bad That No One Cares Mike Posner Finally Finished His Walk Across The Country

What if I told you that Mike Posner has been literally walking across the entire country since April. That’s 6 full months of just walking all day. No amount of chub rub is worth that “experience” but at a minimum it’s at least something not a lot of people have done.

Things on the internet keep our attention for a maximum of 3 days–so Mike Posner thinking we were going to be voraciously consuming walking content for 6 months was perhaps the craziest part of this whole ordeal. But this Friday Posner finally finished his walk in Venice Beach.

I didn’t hear a peep about it anywhere. It made me feel kinda bad for Mike Posner. I respect the commitment it takes to just have a high idea and stick with it for 6 months. The worst part is that when someone mentions Mike Posner’s name in like 15 years the only thing people are going to remember about this is “oh yeah didn’t he get bit by a snake?”


Let’s all be honest. Not one of us gives a fuck that he finished this walk. 6 months seems like kind of a long time for it to take to walk across the country. What’s he doing a 30 minute mile? Did he use Waze because sometimes that shit will take you on a completely different route to avoid a 2 minute traffic jam and then everyone else takes it so there ends up being more traffic on the reroute. Shit, I almost forgot about the snake bite and the part where he had to learn to walk all over again.

For the sake of Mike Posner I needed to acknowledge it. Let’s all take a moment to say wow, cool, good for Mike Posner. Seemed like he really was determined to walk all across the country. He did it.

Now back to Kylie Jenner Rise and Shine remixes.


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