College Football Round-Up Week 8

When you see the College Football Weekly Recap is published!

But then you realize it’s Monday morning…

The Sooner Schooner got dysentery killing 5 children, 30 oxen, and 50 lbs of food.


Didn’t think you’d be crying at your desk on Monday, did ya?

If that wasn’t enough how about South Carolina with the tribute to QB Ryan Hilinski’s brother Tyler at the start of the 3rd Quarter.

This is going to be an awkward car ride home for the Holgersen’s

Lane Kiffin put on an absolute CLINIC on how to get fined for complaining about officiating. I mean tweeting at Conference USA is next level shit by Joey Freshwater!

DOINK! Really though, more teams should try this.

Sac State stand up!


Matt Rhule has the Baylor Bears 1st in the Big 12

Louisville vs. Clemson

God bless Strength and Conditioning/Quality Control coaches man. A content gift from god. Singlehandedly got Louisville ready to play for the first quarter against Clemson.

And then this happened

Do you think he goes home and fucks his bird wife in this?

Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 2.16.42 PM.png

And then everyone just punched each other in the face with a helmet on

We had the biggest upset of the year! Illinois took it to #6 Wisconsin who usually waits until the end of the year to rip their fan’s hearts out. Thank God they got it done in Week 8 this time.

To bad Illini fans weren’t there to witness history.

The kicker!!

Stop it! Their Playoff chances are already dead!

I would be very surprised if Will Muschamp doesn’t fight a ref before his coaching career is over.

Sliding into her DMs only to get left on read..

Every single player on Georgia Southern and Coastal Carolina received penalties for dancing. Thank you NCAA for policing the game so my children can watch safely!

UNC/Virginia Tech played six overtimes! Six! This dime on 4th and 3 with the game on the line by Tech’s backup QB Quincy Patterson was a BEAUTY!

Also, this is the first time the new rule where teams have to go for 2 after the 5th OT was implemented.

Michigan vs. Penn State:

The game of the week didn’t feel like it at all. Michigan brought it within 7 a couple of times, had the chance on 4th & 3 to tie it up at the end, but the Wolverines couldn’t stop Sean Clifford and KJ Hamler.

Got to love how Penn State fans commit to the white out 100%!

Me vs. my meat

Live look at Harbaugh’s exit meeting with the Michigan board this winter.

Tua Tagovailoa left the game against Tennessee in the first half.

They’re saying he underwent an ankle procedure today, will miss next week’s game against Arkansas and be back for LSU.

Backup QBs getting the Tua treatment still.

Tennessee was about to make it a game and then Bama things happened.

Tennessee in their victory formation against Alabama.

Tua enjoying the victory cigar after the game on IG Live too.

College Football After Dark:

BYU upset #14 Boise State in the late night slot.

Baylor Romney might be the whitest name ever, even for BYU standards.

Interception of the year by Air Force.


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